Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether it's a new home, a multi-unit development or a renovation or extension, we have the skill and know how to ensure your project is a success. At SOLID Creation we bring your dream home to reality.

As each build is unique, our preference is to liaise with our clients directly on the specific requirements of each project. Please feel free to Contact Us for further information. 

1. What is your building process?

As each build is unique, our preference is to liaise with our clients directly on the specific requirements of their project. As a general rule, a new build takes on the following steps:

  1. Consultation - You meet with our team of design staff to discuss your individual requirements and specifications.
  2. Quote - We will give you an itemised quote that details full costings and the length of time it will take to complete your project.
  3. Deposit - Unconditional approval granted. Building approval prepared including, Builders, Public Liability and Domestic Home Warranty insurance.

Stage 1

  • Deposit - 5% of works

Stage 2

  • Base stage - 10% of works. Once deposit invoice is paid, site is started. All plans have been approved by council. Grounds work has started. Slab or footings are laid.

Stage 3

  • Frame - 15% of works. Frame is built and approved.

Stage 4

  • Lock Up - 35% of works. Roof is complete, doors and windows installed.

Stage 5

  • Fix Out - 25% of works. Kitchens and bathrooms are now installed. Tiling is completed in all wet areas, ceiling insulation installed.

Stage 6

  • Completion - 10% of works.
2. Are the owners of the company available to discuss options with me, or am I only allocated a Supervisor?
At SOLID Creations the owners of the company work in the business 100% of the time and have a hands-on role in the management of the business. They make sure they are available to meet with new customers and offer assistance where and when required, at all stages of the building process.
3. Do you provide customer testimonials to assist me to obtain a level of comfort with Homes by SOLID Creations?

Yes, we are happy to provide Testimonials from our valued construction clients, to give you a level of confidence in what we have delivered.

4. Does SOLID Creations provide a Warranty period after construction?

Yes, SOLID Creations provides a 7 year warranty period on all construction it carries out.

5. I have a block of land that has potential for multiple units to be built or to be subdivided. How do I find out what can be done to ensure I maximise its potential?

When it comes to multi-unit developments and subdivision we are here to assist. There are a number of extra steps that need to be taken before you can start to build, which may not be necessary when only building a single dwelling. We have members of the team who specialise in sub divisions and multi-unit developments. They understand of the process and limitations, ensuring that you maximise on the full potential of your investment. Once again, give us a call or send us an email and we will go through the options with you.

6. I wish to develop but there is already a property on the block. Do I need to demolish it before contracting you?

No. Although SOLID Creations main service is not demolition works, we are more than happy to assist. Over the years we have helped many of our clients with the demolition of existing houses. We have access to a number of demolition contractors who we have used in the past and can assist in obtaining quotes and ensuring the works are completed to the required standard so that you are not faced with additional and unforeseen costs down the track. We do not charge you for this service, we do it to make the building process easier for you.

7. My project is a big commitment to me, is SOLID Creations financially sound?

Yes, SOLID Creations is financially sound and has the ability to deliver all projects that we are involved in. We ensure that all projects we undertake are within our means to deliver and are backed by warranty insurance.